Warts that appear on the hands are the most common types of warts. People who do develop hand warts are often curious to know what causes warts on hands and how do they get rid of them? Warts are caused by a virus which is known as HPV. Due to the fact that warts are caused by a virus they are also highly contagious. This means that if you do have warts on your hands you will want to take extra precautions such as making sure that the warts are covered with bandages whenever you come into contact with other people. Warts are spread by direct contact so they can easily spread to other people as well as other parts of your body.

When it comes to understanding what cause warts on hands the most important thing to remember is that the most common cause of warts is that of the HPV virus. This will mean that either you have come in contact with someone who has the HPV virus or you may be a carrier yourself for the virus. The HPV virus, which is also known as human pappiloma virus, has over a 100 different strands that are known to lead to the formation of warts. The cause of the HPV virus is still unknown and at this point in time there is no cure for this virus. This does not mean that you cannot cure the warts on your hands but you should understand that these warts may reappear. This is not always the case but when it comes to understanding what causes warts on hands it is important to note the fact that while there are treatments available the potential for the wart to recur is also present.

Hand wart treatments

Now that you understand what causes warts on hands, we can look at a few different treatments to help remove those unsightly warts from your hands.causes of warts on hand

  • Over the counter medications- Generally speaking over the counter medications will include such things as ointments, creams, lotions, plasters, and salicylic acid. Some of the over the counter medications will also work by freezing of the warts.
  • Liquid nitrogen therapy- This is a popular method used by doctors. This is a very effective hand wart treatment removal. In this method the warts are frozen off in your doctors office and may require more than office visit. This is generally considered to be a painless procedure.
  • Homeopathic remedies- There are dozens of effective home remedies that have been known to do wonders when it comes removing warts from various body parts including hands. The use of duct tape is one of the most simple and common home remedies. All you do is place a small amount of duct tape on the wart and leave on for a period of 6 days. After that remove and soak the wart and with any luck the wart will come right off. If not simply try again.
  • Chemical and medications given by your doctor- This is also an effective way of treating warts. This form of treatment is designed to lift the wart off the skin. Once this occurs the skin may blister and that may result in some minor pain.

Hand warts are fairly common and the above list is only a very short list of effective removal remedies. The important thing to remember when it comes to understanding what causes warts on hands is how contagious they really are. Take precautions when you have warts on your hands and be patient with the removal process.

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