hat causes warts on feetA wart on the soles or sides of feet is known as plantar warts. Plantar warts can become painful due to the location of where they reside. Furthermore, these warts can also become deeply imbedded into the skin due to the pressure caused by walking on them. Many people often wonder what causes warts on feet and the answer to that is a virus known as the HPV virus. There are over 100 different strands of this virus and all of them have been known to cause warts of some kind. The good news is that plantar warts are non cancerous and are not a sign of any other serious medical condition. Since plantar warts do tend to cause pain many people will seek out some relief and find a way to remove these pesky warts.

When it comes to understanding what causes warts on feet is is also important to understand that the actual cause of the HPV virus is unknown at this point. Medical experts have not been able to clearly identity the root cause of plantar warts and due to this fact there is no known cure for the virus or for warts for that matter. Medical science has been able to tell us that all warts are known to be highly contagious and they can spread quite fast. A wart can spread via direct contact to another person or to another part of your body simply by touching the wart. Plantar warts in particular can spread quite easily especially in places such as shared showers or locker rooms.

One of the best courses of actions in understanding what causes warts on feet is take a defensive standpoint. What this simply means is that while no one really knows what causes the HPV virus, they are able to identify what can cause the virus to spread. So if we understand that the HPV virus tends to thrive in places that are warm and moist such as a locker room, we can prevent ourselves from getting the virus in the first place. Whenever you are in a shared location such as gym locker room the best course of action is to protect your feet and your body from getting the HPV virus by wearing flip flops or some other protective gear. A good defense can help to keep these warts at bay.

Plantar warts are one of the most common types of warts and they can also be the most difficult to get rid off. This mainly due to the fact that the soles of our feet already have tougher skin and when you add the fact that a plantar wart is likely to become imbedded deep into the soles of the feet, it is easy to understand why getting rid of them may become problematic. However, there are many different forms of treatments that can help remove plantar warts just do not expect these treatments to happen overnight. So to answer the million dollar questions of what causes warts on feet the simple answer is a virus.


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