If you have had ever had a wart on your finger there is no doubt that you probably wondered what causes warts on fingers? Contrary to popular folklore warts are not caused by kissing frogs and in fact when it comes to answering the question of what causes the warts on fingers the answer is rather simple. All warts are caused by the virus known as HPV. There are many different stands of the HPV virus and due to this the different strands of the virus can cause different types of warts. While medical experts have not been able to clearly identify the cause of the virus that can tell us that if you have the HPV virus the chances of developing warts is very high.

what-causes-warts-on-fingersWhen it comes to really understanding what cause warts on fingers one thing should be pointed out. That is the fact that warts on fingers are very contagious. The wart causing virus can be passed through direct skin contact as well as sharing some personal items. Some of the answers to what cause warts on fingers to spread include the following:

  • Biting or scratching a wart. If you have a wart avoid all temptations to touch or scratch the wart as all this will do is make the virus spread to another part of the body. If you have a child who may have a wart on their finger consider covering up the wart with a bandage.
  • Sharing a razor with someone who may have the HPV virus. Some of the times people may have the wart causing virus and not even know it. This is why it is a good idea to never share any personal items such as shaving.
  • The biting of fingernails can cause warts to spread on the fingertips and around the nail beds.

If you have dry or damaged skin the chances of spreading warts from one part of the body to another is highly possible. This is why it is very important that if you do have warts on your fingers that you find an effective remedy for wart removal as well as making sure that the warts are covered up whenever there is the chance you will come into contact with anyone. In fact most people who do have warts on their fingers will cover them up at once with a sterile bandage as a line of defense.

You should see your doctor if the warts on your fingers are causing you any pain or if they begin to bleed. In most cases it is always a good idea to consult with a trained medical professional as they can really help you to understand what cause warts on fingers. Due to the highly contagious nature of all warts, your doctor can help advise you the best course of action for treating and dealing with these warts. While warts can be a pain they are also very common. Try and take a little comfort in that and while you are trying to fully understand what cause warts on fingers.

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