Warts are very common and can appear just about anywhere on the body. All warts are caused by a virus known as HPV and it is critical to understand that all warts are highly contagious. A wart is spread by direct contact so depending on where the wart may be on your body extra precautions are generally needed when you have an outbreak of warts. Genital warts are spread through sexual contact so when you have genital warts it is advised to refrain from all sexual activity until the warts have been dissolved.

There are over 100 different strains of the HPV virus that have been known to cause the formation of warts. While no one quite understands what cause the HPV virus in the first place, medical experts have been able to find the direct correlation between warts and the HPV virus. At this point in time there is no cure for the HPV virus but there are some effective remedies that can help to remove the warts. Since there is no cure for warts it is possible that the warts can reappear at any time.

most-effective-at-home-cure-for-wartWhen a wart first appear there is no doubt that one will want to understand how to cure warts. Some people may find that having their doctor remove the wart for them is the best when it comes to wart cures and other people will resort to home remedies for wart removal. Homeopathic remedies for wart cures are actually quite effective and most people will have positive results when using them. Below is a list of the most and effective home methods for learning the cure for warts.

  • The use of duct tape- While this may sound like an old wives tale one of the most effective cures of warts at home is the use of some duct tape or waterproof tape would work as well. What you will want to do is cut a piece of duct tape that is slightly larger than the wart itself. Place the duct tape on the wart and leave in place for around 6 days. After the 6 days have passed remove the tape and soak the wart in warm to hot water for around 10-15 minutes. The top layer of the wart should peel off and this is the layer that contains the virus. If the top layer does not easily come off simply repeat the process. This cure for warts has worked for many and people generally see results within a week.
  • Citrus peels- Another common homeopathic wart cure is the use of a lemon peel. Cut a fresh lemon and place the peel directly on the wart. Cover with a bandage and leave on overnight. In the morning, rinse and repeat and continue this process for a few days. This homeopathic wart cure has been known to work in as little as a few days.
  • Vitamin C- The high acidic levels in Vitamin C have been known to very effective when it comes to a cure for warts. You can apply either a paste or you can break up a capsule and apply it direct to the wart. Once you do so cover the wart with a bandage and this process may need to be repeated daily for a period of a week. Try to ensure that the other areas of the skin do not get irritated and this can be done with the use of petroleum jelly.
  • Over the counter medication- One of the most common wart cures can be found in over the counter medications. There are numerous ones on the market and some may work a little faster than others. Just spend some time reading the reviews and you will find the right cure for warts.

Warts may come and go and once you have the HPV virus you will be more prone to dealing with warts. Since there is no cure for warts at this time, all one can do is understand how to remove them when they appear as well as take extra precautions to aid in not spreading the warts.

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