When it comes to dealing with warts and finding the best way to remove them it can almost seem overwhelming as there are many different methods that one can try. Some people may go their doctor and have them do one of the many different and effect medical procedures that have shown to be quite effective in the wart removal process. Other people will try some at home methods such as the use of citrus peels or duct tape as a way to remove warts. Still others will prefer to use some of the over counter medications that have been designed to help with the wart removal process. One of the most common types of wart removal products that one can get over the counter are that of a liquid wart remover. Let’s take a look at how that works.

liquid-wart-remover-productA liquid wart remover such as Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away works by freezing the wart so that it will fall off. This method is very similar to what a doctor would use and its generally used on common warts and plantar warts. This method is painless and one will need to apply the application a few times a day to the affected area. After applying a liquid wart remover to the wart one needs to cover the wart with a bandage as warts are very contagious. The only way to prevent warts is to avoid contact with them so be sure to keep your warts covered. Good hygiene and proper treatment of warts with the use of a liquid wart remover can dramatically cut down on the chances of one getting warts in the first place.

Freezing is not the only method that one can find in a liquid wart remover.

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