When you discover that you may have genital warts there is bound to be a level of embarrassment as well as confusion. Any type of skin growth in the genital region is usually room for concern and due to the sensitive area of where these warts may be, some people may not feel very comfortable going to their doctor. Although it is always advised to consult with your doctor, there are some over the counter genital wart treatment products that have been known to highly effective in dealing with the removal of these warts. It is very important to understand that genital warts are highly contagious and at the first sign of a wart, you should refrain from all sexual activity. Keep in mind that seeing a doctor is highly advised due to the fact that not only can these warts spread some of the genital warts treatment over the counter products may be to strong for the genital area and this is especially true for women.

Genital warts often situate themselves in the vagina, rectum, anus or on the tip of the penis and one can imagine how sensitive these body parts are. So while over the counter genital wart treatment is available and effective it may be wise to get a recommendation from your healthcare provider on which would be the best of the over the counter medications to use.

One of the main ingredients that most of the genital wart treatment over the counter products will have is salicylic acid. Many people do have an allergy of some form to this chemical so it is always wise to be tested for an allergy to this medication. Also if you have diabetes, any product that contains salicylic acid should never be used. If you are a diabetic and are looking for genital warts over the counter treatment ask your doctor which type of product would be best for you.

Creams for most people are probably the most common form of over the counter genital wart treatments. Creams can come in a gel like form and it is applied to the wart directly. Creams tends to have the least amount of side effects when it comes over the counter genital wart treatments. Podofiliox is a genital wart treatment over the counter product that is cream based as shown to have a high level of success. For those of you that prefer all natural products when it comes to genital warts over the counter treatment, there are many products on the market for you as well. The great thing about using an all natural product is that they often have essential vitamins and minerals that can help to boost the immune system of the body.

Just be sure that you at least speak with your doctor and have them recommended what they feel is the best when it comes to over the counter genital wart treatments. While you are waiting for the warts to go away with the assistance of a genital wart treatment over the counter, remember that you will need to refrain from sex. Your doctor will advise you when resuming normal sexual activities is once again safe.

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