A wart is caused by a virus and due to this fact a wart can spread very fast. When it comes to learning how to remove warts it is important that one understands just how contagious these warts really are. If you choose to remove warts using one of the many homeopathic remedies that are out there, always take the extra time to be careful not to spread the warts to other parts of the body. Also, never share any personal products such as razors when you are experiencing warts as this is one of the many ways that a wart can spread. If a child has a wart it is highly recommended that the warts are covered with a bandage to help prevent the child from picking at it which will allow the wart to spread like wildfire.

When it comes to just how to remove warts there are generally two ways in which one can do so. The first method we will look at a few different medical procedures that can be done by your doctor. When it comes one of the best ways on how to remove a wart many people do feel safer having a medical professional do so. Although, many of the home remedies that we will also discuss are safe and effective ways of learning how to remove wart that may appear just about anywhere on your body. It may wind up coming down to a personal choice. Here are the most common medical procedures that are used by doctors today.

  • Freezing of the wart with the use of liquid nitrogen. This is one of the more common methods used and the one drawback to this method is that if often require multiple visits. This procedure is considered to be painless for most people.
  • Cutting off the warts and/or burning of the warts is often another method that a doctor will use when it comes to dealing with how to remove warts. The warts are either cut off at the root or burned off with a very small and hot blade. This method may induce some slight pain and does have the potential to leave a scar.
  • Laser surgery for wart removal is not as common as it once ways but still has its place. This method uses lasers to remove warts and the chances of leaving a scar are quite high.

The use of medications and chemicals can be effective when it comes to wart removal. Generally speaking what will happen using this method is that the mixture of chemicals used will often cause the wart to rise off the skin and then fall off. This often leaves a blister where the wart was and can cause some slight pain and possible scarring.

These are the most common methods that are used when it comes to removing warts. While all of these above listed methods are safe they are also expensive. Since medical insurances see wart removal as a cosmetic procedure the expense generally needs to be covered out of pocket. This is often one of the reasons that people tend to look for other methods when it comes to learning how to remove warts.

Learn how to remove warts at home

The good news is that there are many methods that people can try from the comfort of their own home that have been shown to be very effective in the wart removal process. Depending on where the wart is will often dictate the best at home remedy. Some of the most common remedies include the following.

  • Duct Tape- Place the duct tape on the wart and leave covered for a few days. After a few days peel the duct tape off and with any luck the top layer of the wart will come off. This process may need to be repeated a few times.
  • Over the counter medications- There are many different over the counter medications that often are great at removing warts. Some will be all natural products and others will focus on the freezing or burning off methods that doctors often use.
  • Citrus peels- Another very common at home remedy that works great is using a lemon peel. Just take a small piece of lemon peel that is slightly bigger than the wart and place it on the wart. Cover with a bandage and repeat this process daily. This often works in a week or less.

Learning how to remove warts is not as hard as you may think. Try some of the methods above and give it a little time. Removing a wart will not happen overnight but with a little time and patience you are sure to finally find the right method for getting rid of these pesky warts once and for all.


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