Your face is the first thing that people see and what if you had a wart on your face? The chances are great that you would want to quickly find a way on how to remove warts on your face and this is especially true if you have more than one wart on your face. The problem with warts is that they quickly spread and if they are on a highly visible area such as your face there is no doubt that you will feel some level of embarrassment. Flat warts, the ones that generally appear on your face, are actually very common so you are not alone in your battle against facial warts. Since it is well known that all warts are highly contagious when you have them on your face people may start to avoid you and this is never good for one’s self esteem. So let’s learn how to remove warts on face so you can get on with your life.

how-to-remove-warts-on-faceWhen it comes to learning how to remove warts on face there are generally 2 methods that one can try. These break down into have your doctor treat the warts for you or you can try one of the many different home remedies. We will examine the homeopathic remedies that have been known to be very effective when it comes to learning how to remove warts on your face.

The most common methods that have been shown to effective when it comes to learning how to remove warts on your face include the following:

  • Castor oil- For this method you will want to apply a small amount of castor oil to a cotton swab and then directly apply it to the wart. Be careful not to get the castor oil in your eyes and if you have warts around your eyes this is often not the best remedy.
  • Onions- For this method of learning how to remove wart on face or anywhere for that matter you will want to take the onion and rub on the wart. This is known to work well as the onion will irritate the wart and can help to boost one’s natural immunity. Try this method for a week and be sure that you are applying the onion to the wart at least 2x a day during the week.
  • Potatoes- Cut a potato in half and then rub the potato onto the wart. Some people have found that by leaving the potato on the wart for a duration of around 15 minutes can really help when it comes to learning how to remove warts on face.
  • Garlic- The use of garlic is known to be very effective. What you will do is place a small piece of garlic on the wart and then cover with a bandage or even a small piece of duct tape. Leave in place for overnight and then repeat the process. One should generally see results within a week when using this method of wart removal.

All of the homeopathic remedies listed above are known to not only work well but they will also not leave any type of scars. While some of these methods may take a little while to work the benefit of not having scars is often the reason why many people choose homeopathic remedies when it comes to learning how to remove warts on face.

Other treatments that can remove wart on face

Medical treatments are also known to be highly effective when it comes to removing warts on face. The problem with some of the following treatments is that they often tend to be more expensive and in some cases can leave some scars. With that being said these methods for removing wart on face can be highly effective. These include

  • Freezing off the wart
  • Burning or cutting of the wart
  • A mixture of chemicals and medications that are designed to lift the wart of the skin. This method does generally cause some pain when the skin turns to blisters. This occurs after the wart falls off.
  • Laser surgery

There may be other methods that your doctor may suggest for you but these are the most common. When it comes to removing warts on face the choice will be yours when it comes to choosing the most effective measure. Just know that in a short amount of time you will be able to say good bye to those unsightly warts on your face.


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