A foot wart can become a nuisance for many as depending on where the wart lies on the foot they become a bit painful when walking. Foot warts are known as plantar warts and they are small rough bumps on foot. Foot warts, like all types of warts, are caused by the human pappilomavirus. If you have a wart on your foot there is a good chance that you are looking for some ways of getting rid of warts on feet. The good news is that in most cases wart removal can be done form the comfort of your own home. However, it is always advised to have any warts or bumps checked out by your doctor to ensure that what you actually dealing with is a wart.

A wart on your foot can be either a plantar wart or a flat wart. Plantar warts are very common and they tend to grow on the side or bottom of one’s foot. Due to the location of the wart they can often cause some pain when walking and this is why many people will begin to look for information on how to get rid of warts on feet. Plantar warts are highly contagious and one should take great caution if they do have warts on their feet. Touching a wart can cause the wart to spread to other areas of the body.

The other type of wart that may be common on a foot is known as a flat wart. These are small and round warts which have a much smoother and flat like appearance. These warts can be found anywhere on the body and when found on the foot they are generally on the top of the foot.

How to get rid of warts on feet at home

No matter what type of wart you have there are many different remedies that one can try at home. When it comes to getting rid of warts at home some people will try some of the over counter wart medications. There are literally dozens of products that are designed to answer the question on how to get rid of warts at home. Some of the most common wart removal remedies include a freezing method. These are generally pads that one will place on the wart and will have to change on a daily basis. Some other common methods of at home remedies include gels, sprays and a mix of chemicals that are designed to either burn the wart off or destroy the wart by freezing it off.


When it comes to getting rid of warts at home there are also some homeopathic remedies that you can try. Below is a short list of some of the most common methods for when it comes to how to get rid of warts on feet.

  • Using a banana or lemon peel- All you need to do is cut a small piece of either the lemon or banana peel and place it over the wart. This will need to be covered with a bandage to help it stay in place. It is recommended that you try this at night and remove the peel and bandage in the morning. The chemicals in the peels can help to dissolve the wart and begin killing the virus.
  • Basil- Take some fresh basil and place it direct on the wart. Cover the wart with a bandage and leave on for a few days. After a few days let the wart dry out for a few hours and repeat the process.
  • Vitamin C- You can either purchase some vitamin C paste of create your own. Apply the vitamin C paste directly to the wart and cover. The high acidic volume is known to help destroy the wart as well as fight the HPV virus all together.

How to get rid of warts on your feet with the help of your doctor

In many cases getting rid of warts on feet can be done quite successful at home. However, some people may feel more comfortable having their healthcare provider do it for them. There are a few methods that a medical professional can do when it comes to learning how to get rid of warts on your feet. These generally include freezing off the wart with liquid nitrogen, burning off the wart, the use of chemicals and the use of laser surgery. When it comes to getting rid of warts on feet it is important to note that since wart removal is generally seen as a cosmetic procedure, many insurance plans will not cover the treatments.

There are many ways to get rid of warts and it may take a few different home remedies to find the one that works best for you. Just keep trying and remember that the answer to how to get rid of warts on your feet will not happen overnight. All of these methods will take a little time and patience.

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