A flat wart can also be known as juvenile warts as they tend to appear in children more than adults. Flat warts are very small and will generally speaking have a very flat head. Flat warts have the tendency to appear in clusters in one location. Flat warts are prone to highly visible areas such as the face but can really appear just about anywhere on the body.

What causes Flat warts?

child-face-flat-wart-treatmentFlat warts, like all warts, are caused by viruses. The virus that is known the cause flat warts is that of the human papillomavirus and there have been more than 100 strains of this virus identified. Flat warts are highly contagious and they seem to grow more in warm and moist places, like all viruses. Due to this fact warts are known to spread quite easily and can be transferred from person to person via direct contact. It is highly advised if the warts are on children that protective bandages be used to help keep the spreading to a bare minimum.

Learning what treatment for flat warts will work best

Flat warts may disappear on their own but many people have found that this can take months to happen. Since flat warts tend to appear in places that are highly visible many people will begin to look for flat wart treatments that can help to get rid of the warts much faster. Also due to the contagious nature treatments for flat warts is usually high on one’s priority list. If you do feel that treatment for flat warts is needed in your case often the best place is start is with your healthcare provider. They can provide you some guidance on what the best flat wart treatment may be and in some cases your doctor may be able to remove them for you.

There are a few medical procedures that have been used in the removal of warts. However, many of these procedures are known to leave scars and if the flat warts are on your face many people will not choose to go this route. Medical procedures for the removal of flat warts include freezing off the warts, burning off the warts, cutting the warts off as well as mixture of chemicals and medications that have been designed to remove warts. These are also considered to be expensive since they are also considered to be a cosmetic procedure. The chances of getting your insurance company to cover flat wart treatment is slim to none, so many people will seek other options.

The good news is that many of the home remedies for the treatment of flat warts have been quite effective. One of the most common flat wart treatment is the use of some over the product medications. Some of the flat wart treatments will work by peeling away the top layers of the skin and this makes the wart eventually die and fall off. Since the virus is generally localized in the top layer, these peel away methods have shown to be quite effective in the treatment of flat warts. The thing to be cautious with when using an over the counter product for flat wart treatment is that some of the products may irritate the skin and this can lead to some minor scarring. If you have sensitive skin, you may wish to try some of the natural remedies or the over the counter medications that contain all natural ingredients.

Natural oils can also be very effective in flat wart treatment and these will not leave an scarring or will not produce any irritations to the skin. Amolis is an all natural product that has can help with the treatment of flat warts.

When it comes to flat wart treatment just understand that most of these treatments will take a little time to work. Generally speaking all flat wart treatment can take several weeks before one will see any results. If you feel that your warts are not improving it may be time to consult with your doctor.


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