When a wart appears the first thing that generally happens is one may panic. A wart while it be wind up being an annoyance and in some cases painful there is no need to panic as warts as whole are not cancerous. In fact, warts are caused by a virus which is known as the HPV virus. The exact cause of the virus is unknown but a wart is fairly common and nothing that should cause you to break out into a cold sweat. However, warts are highly contagious and finding the right over the wart treatment is something that should be on the top of your priority list. While seeking medical treatment for removal of warts is always an option, many people will prefer to find the right wart treatment over the counter product for a few reasons.

wart-treatment-over-the-counterThe first reason why many people will choose over the counter wart treatment products is the simply fact that many of these products will not cause any type of scarring. Some of the wart treatment over the counter may leave blisters which could turn into a scar but generally speaking there are some products that are out on the market that will not leave a scar. Most of the medical treatments that are done to remove warts will tend to leave some form of a scar and if the wart is in a highly visible spot this is generally not an option for most people. The other main reason why people will choose wart treatment over the counter is due to the fact that the cost is much cheaper. Wart removal is not deemed to be a necessary procedure and this means that insurance companies will not pick up the tab. Lastly, most of the over the counter wart treatment have been known to be just as effective as any treatment that a doctor can provide.

So how do you pick the right wart treatment over the counter product for you? If you spend a little time doing some research and reading reviews on places like Amazon.com, you may have a solid picture of what over the counter products seems to have the best results. Keep in mind that what works for one person many not work for you as everyone has a different level of immunity. Some of the products that are on the market today will use the popular freezing method. When it comes to wart treatment over the counter the freezing method does seem to be the most common and it is generally applied with gel pads that need to be changed everyday. Dr Scholl’s Freeze away is among one of the most common wart treatment over the counters.

There are also some all natural products that can help with the removal of warts. These will contain natural oils and minerals that can help to destroy the wart as well boost the immune system. Your doctor can advise you which over the counter wart treatment will work best for you. Just keep in mind that all of these treatments will not provide an instant result but generally work within a few weeks to a month.


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