Genital warts are caused by one of the 30 different strands of the HPV virus that are associated with genital warts. It is important to note that the HPV virus has over 100 different strands are around 30 have been linked to the formation of genital warts. This is due to the fact that genital warts are spread through sexual contact and at this point 30 different strands have been found. All warts are caused by the HPV virus and every wart regardless of where it may be on the body are considered to be high contagious. Genital warts are spread through direct contact and when you notice that you may have genital warts it is very important to cease all sexual contact until the warts have been treated and are no longer present.


Since HPV is known to produce other types of warts such as common warts people often wonder if common warts cause genital warts as well? Most of the time the strand of HPV virus that causes common warts is different from the strain that produces genital warts. Therefore the chance of common warts causing genital warts is not very likely. This is not to say that it is not possible but due to the fact that a different strain of HPV is causing common warts then genital warts many medical experts would feel safe in telling you that the answer to can common warts cause genital warts is maybe.

Since genital warts are spread by direct contact the other question that can come to mind is can hand warts cause genital warts? If you have warts on your hand and touch anything and even that of the genital area, there is always the chance that these warts can be transferred to another body part. So if you or your partner has warts on their hands it is highly advised to refrain from all sexual activity and this does include any touching of the genital areas. A woman’s vagina is very moist and due to this fact it can be a great place for warts to grow and live. So while there are different strains of virus that cause hand warts and genital warts, there still is the chance that during forms of intimate touching the HPV virus can and probably will spread. So, if you must partake in sexual activities a high level of protection is advised. If you have warts on your hands, always wear latex gloves prior to touching anyone or anything.

Warts are very common and depending on the location they can often be painful as well. When it comes to trying to figure the answer to such questions as can regular warts cause genital warts the best rule of thumb is understand how contagious these warts really are. The more they are touched and the more they come into contact with someone else, the higher the chance of the other person developing the warts. So it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Due to the highly contagious nature of warts getting proper treatment is always advised. When it comes to treating genital warts , or really any warts for that matter, the first course of action will be to speak with your healthcare provider.


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