Everything you ever wanted to know about wart removal and more

Warts can appear anywhere on the body however they do tend to show up in highly visible places such as hands and this is why many people will seek an effective wart removal remedy. The first thing that one should always do prior to looking for a wart removal of any kind is to speak with their doctor. This is always advised as your doctor is the only who can confirm if what you are dealing with is in fact a wart and not any other type of skin growth. It is also very important to understand that warts can spread like wildfire, so if you have a wart it is critical that you do not touch the wart.

everything about warts removal

Some people will try picking at the wart as a way to remove the wart and this probably the warts thing that you can do. As this will spread the wart and will make the warts even harder to control. Warts can affect both adults and children and when children do have warts it is generally advised to cover the warts with some type of adhesive bandages. This will help to prevent the warts from spreading.

There are a few different methods when it comes to wart removal and can be broken down into two main methods of wart removal. These are choosing to seek medical assistance with the wart removal process and the other would be using one of the many effective at home remedies for the removal of warts. When it comes to wart removal there is no right or wrong way and some people may choose to have their doctor do it and others may be more comfortable doing the wart removal at home. It may also depend on where the wart is as some warts may be much harder to deal with at home such as genital warts. Let's take a look at both medical ways to deal with wart removal as well as some homeopathic remedies.

Wart removal remedies that one can do at home

There are many different wart removal remedies that one can try from the comfort of their own home. The biggest thing to keep in mind when trying to deal with warts removal is that they are highly contagious and this will mean whatever tools or devices you may using to help with the removal of warts should be kept separate. Warts can be spread by things such as towels so it is very critical that you have your own stash of stuff that is only used in the process of wart removal.

One method for the removal of warts is thought to be an old wives tale however it has proven to work quite well. This is the process of using duct tape and a way to remove the warts. What you will want to do is apply a few piece of duct to the wart. Some people say that you may need 3- 4 layers of the tape and you will need to make sure that the duct tape is on tight. However, do not have it to tight where it may cut off circulation or cause any skin rashes. You will want to leave the duct tape in place for a few days and then check the status of the wart. You may need to repeat this process for a few weeks before you notice any changes. This is wart removal process is through to work by triggering the body's natural immune system to attack the virus that is causing the wart in the first place.

This wart removal process does seem to work and every time you take the duct tape off the wart, you will actually be pulling off the top layer of the wart.

There are many other wart removal remedies that you can try at home if the idea of putting duct tape on your hands does not sound like a something you want to try. Below is a list of some other methods that have been known to work.

  • The use of natural herbs and minerals- Many people have found that the use of natural herbs and minerals are a powerful and effective form of wart removal. Many herbs contain vitamins and minerals that can help to boost the bodies natural immunity which is often why herbs have become a popular choice for wart removal. Some of the herbs include Tree tree oil, Aloe Vera, Echinacea, Dandelion, Milkweed, Chickweed and Flax seed. Some of these herbs can be directly applied to the wart or others may be taken in the form of supplement. It is always advised to speak with your doctor prior to starting any type of herbal routine as some herbs may counter act with any medications that you are one.

  • Vitamins can help with wart removal- We all know that vitamins are great for the body but they can be very helpful in the process of removing warts. Vitamin E for example can be used by breaking up the capsule and placing the Vitamin directly onto the wart. After you do so you will want to cover the wart with a bandage. One should see results in a few days using this method.

  • Soaking your warts in warm water can also be an effective aid in the removal of warts. It is advised to soak your hands for at least 15 minutes a day in warm water. It is critical that you dry the warts after soaking them and make sure to wash the towel right away as not to spread the warts.

  • Lemon Slices can aid in the wart removal process- What you will want to do is cut some lemon slices that are a little larger than the wart. Place the lemon slices on the wart and then cover with a bandage. Leave on for a during the day but allow the wart to dry out over night and repeat the process until the wart is gone.

  • Another effective wart removal at home remedy is the use of over the counter medications. These medications are known as wart removers and are readily available at most local pharmacies. There are several different types of wart removers and some may contain some chemicals to help speed up the process and other may be based on all natural remedies.

This is just a very small list of some of the at home remedies that have been known to be quite effective in the wart removal process. It may take a little trial and error to find the one that works best for you but give it a little time and you are bound to find the right at home remedy. Do keep in mind that warts are caused by a virus and this means that the wart removal process may take some time.

Medical wart removal options

While most of the time at home remedies cab be quite efficient some people may still seek the advice and guidance of a medical professional when it comes to removing warts. This may also be based on the fact of where the warts and located and how many warts may need to be removed. It is important to note that since wart removal is not deemed to be necessary in most cases it is often considered a cosmetic procedure. This will often mean that most insurance companies will not cover the medical procedures and this often why people will seek at home remedies for wart removal.

There are generally 4 types of medical procedures that are used when it comes to the removal of warts. These include the following:

  • Freezing off the warts- This may be the most common wart removal process that is used by doctors. This procedure is done with liquid nitrogen and may require more than office visit. This method is painless and generally will not leave any scarring.

  • Laser wart removal- Due to the costs that are involved with this procedure this has become the least common method of medical wart removal. Laser wart removal is also known to leave a small amount of scaring.

  • Chemical treatments- There are a variety of chemical treatments that your doctor may try in order to help kill the virus. These are usually done with a combination of treatments and one will need to keep the wart covered at all times. These chemicals will usually work by lifting the wart off the skin which makes it much easier for the removal process. This method often leaves no scar and is considered to be painless.

  • Minor surgical procedures done with a hot knife- This is a simple procedure that may cause minimal pain. In this wart removal method the warts are cut off at the root with a sterile and hot blade.

When it comes to wart removal the choice is really up to you on how you wish to proceed. Spend some time talking with your doctor and learn which method may be right for you when it comes to the removal of warts.