We will cover the general topic of different warts, treatment for these warts, and different removal methods. There are many different types of warts, including Genital Warts, Vaginal Warts, Anal Warts, Plantar Warts and more.

There is alot of speculation out there with many different people thinking warts mostly come from animals like a toad or something, but is most cases the viral trend of infection as talked about above the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common way of getting warts. Warts are also a very contagious infection if someone has warts you not not come in contact with the person, or use anything that that have touched (ie: like a towel, or a soda can).

We talk about the most common treatments used by many people, like Cryosurgery, Salicylic Acid, Duct tape, and many other methods. If you do not know anything about warts, and you are looking for a useful guide on how to successfully treat, prevent and remove warts then this is the place to be. We cover everything from prevention to treatment and removal of all the kinds of warts.

Please browse through our pages to find everything you will need on treatment methods, and wart removal. You should always ask your family doctor before you do anything that you are not sure with, but this is just a helpful guide for people out there that do not know the basics of wart treatment, and removal.